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23 tips for the CKA exam in 2023

Planning to become a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) in 2023? These 23 tips will help you get through.

How to manage images in an air-gapped Kubernetes lab

Offline or an air-gapped test lab is not directly connected to the Ineternet so cannot pull images directl from Docker Hub. Here's a three step alternative.

How to set proxy environment variables for containerd

systemd services like containerd do not read the environment variables configured from the shell. This is a problem when you are working behind a proxy server.

How to do canary deployments on Kubernetes with Argo Rollouts

Argo Rollouts, an open-source progressive delivery controller can automate Kubernetes canary deployments quickly and efficiently.

Canary deployments with Ingress Nginx controller

Canary deployment is a mechanism to roll out a new version incrementally so that you can test the new version and seamlessly migrate the traffic

The rise of the Jamstack

From static site generators to fully-fledged web applications Jamstack has come a long way. Is it going to be the future of web apps - time will tell.