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How to set proxy environment variables for containerd

systemd services like containerd do not read the environment variables configured from the shell. This is a problem when you are working behind a proxy server.

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Docker CLI quick reference

A quick reference of commonly used docker commands.

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How to use Ansible for verifying configurations

You are already using Ansible for configuring Linux servers. Here's how to use Ansible for verifing configurations.

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How to manage multiple GitHub accounts in a single workstation

Using SSH key-based authentication and SSH config file, you can easily push code from multiple GitHub accounts in the same computer.

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How to extend the root disk space in Ubuntu

While installing Ubuntu Server if you let the installer take care of the disk partitioning, the root volume will not occupy the entire disk by default. But, Ubuntu uses LVM so you can easily extend the volumes, if you run out of space.

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A hands-on guide to containers with Docker

Get familiat with Docker with this hands-on guide.