Articles on DevOps

The rise of the Jamstack

From static site generators to fully-fledged web applications Jamstack has come a long way. Is it going to be the future of web apps - time will tell.

What is Jenkins and what can I do with it

Jenkins is widely used and often misused in CI/CD. There are things it is good at and some other things that it is not so good at.

Thumbnail image. Git logo to the right. Text branching written to the left in big letters.

Git branching tutorial

A follow-along tutorial on Git branching for beginners.

Thumbnail image for harbor private container registry

How to set up a private container registry with Harbor

Harbor can store your container images inside your data center. It's secure and quick even for 10GB+ images.

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How to set up a private Git server

Start committing code to your private Git server in just 4 steps.

Thumbnail image. Kubernetes logo and text Kubernetes for absolute beginners.

SQL vs NoSQL - How to choose the best database

Thinking on using a NoSQL database for your next app. Do not conclude until you have read this article.